Strategic Partners

Hunting Country Real Estate LLC builds strategic alliances to create competitive advantages for our company and our clients. 

The term “strategy” is one of the most over-used terms in business today.  It is important to understand the difference between conventional business relationships and those that are truly strategic.

Conventional relationships

Our buyers and sellers come from all walks of life and all corners of the nation.  Like most real estate companies with a long history of transactions we have built our share of professional relationships with lenders, closing agents, title companies, attorneys, accountants, appraisers, real estate firms, auctioneers and other service professionals across the United States.  We understand that these conventional relationships are a requirement for any successful real estate company – however, it is important to distinguish our theory of a truly strategic partnership.

Simplicity – Specialization – Who we are

We believe that “simplicity” is the key to any successful business model.  So, let’s start by defining who we are.  HUNTING COUNTRY REAL ESTATE LLC IS A LAND MARKETING COMPANY. Yes, we specialize – another term that is over-used in business today – so much to the point that it may have lost its meaning.  We are a successful, profitable and well capitalized company.  Our long-term success is the result of the trust that our clients place in our abilities to provide the best services possible.

Who we are NOT

Just as important we should define who we are NOT.  We make no claims to be all things to all people.  We do not specialize in a dozen things – that is the opposite of specialization.  We realize our limitations and find no value in pretending to offer something we cannot deliver.  This is one of the motivations behind our model to create strategic partners.

Chosen by design

Our strategic partners are chosen specifically by design to create competitive advantages for our company and our clients.  These alliances expand the services available to our clients. These partners are knowledgeable professionals offering industry-leading services that fill a definite niche in the market.


Our strategic partners identify culturally with our company.  They are aggressively involved in their businesses and available to assist when we request.  We connect with the best professionals in the industry to provide practical advice to our clients resulting in our clients gaining knowledge from a hands-on approach.

Expanded opportunities

Strategic partnerships expand our data base of buyers and sellers, create more transactions, increase company revenue and improve profits for our clients.  We leverage all relationships to create opportunities for success in the markets we target.  Strategic partners are required to impact our clients, our customers and our company in a favorable way.  They differentiate our company from conventional means and create a “value add” to our services.


Our Strategic Partners: