Hunting Country Auction Services offers a unique platform when selling assets at public auction. We are experts in the auction method of marketing.


Prior to booking an auction we schedule an initial consultation with the seller to determine their goals and expectations.  Our discussion includes all aspects of the auction process including time sensitive factors, title work, marketing, advertising budget, venue, auction dates and market conditions.  It is important that potential sellers understand WE ARE NOT THE AVERAGE AUCTION COMPANY.  Unlike most auctioneers we do not limit ourselves to an “auction only” service. We have multiple avenues for selling land, one of which is the auction method.  Our goal is to meet your goals, which is why we are critical about which properties are recommend for auction.   You can be assured if we recommend your property for auction, it’s an ideal auction candidate.


We are strong enough financially to guarantee a “Base-value Sales-price” on your land to limit the down-side risk of selling at public auction.  Our ability to leverage our capital and establish a base price offers an alternative to absolute auctions.  We understand there is a partial need for absolute auctions in the marketplace, however they rarely benefit the seller.  We realize that economic conditions demand an advanced level of professional marketing services now more than ever. The tougher the market conditions – the more we stand out as the leader in our profession.  Our recommendations for your auction will be the same as if we were selling our own land.


We commonly recommend an openly transparent process when selling at public auction.  It is our belief that the public, bidders and auction attendees are more comfortable and competitive when there are less “unknowns” about process.  Our most successful auctions over the years have been the ones where nothing was hidden, and competitive bidders were engaged with enthusiasm leading to record prices.  Additionally, we realize there are circumstances with specific properties where a timed-bidding process or online platform may best fit the situation.  Our Auction Team is equipped to offer guidance in all cases, regardless the situation.


Our Marketing Team will design a specific marketing plan and budget for your auction.  The plan includes venue choices, graphic design, print media, publications, brochures, web-based advertising, target mailing, email blasts and date selection.  Sellers are additionally benefitted by proprietary data built internally within our company.  One of the most notable things that separate Hunting Country from the competition is that our initial business model was built almost entirely on targeting a non-resident buyer for farm and ranch properties.  In addition to being able to identify with the local market and the neighbors – our company caters to a buyer-base that most auction companies fail to reach with conventional advertising.  The marketing plan will be delivered to the sellers for review and will include an itemized cost list for each expense, allowing the seller to adjust as they see fit.  We like to keep our sellers in the process, so they understand all aspects of the auction.


If you’re thinking about having an auction, “RESULTS” should be your main concern.  Our Auction Team will make every effort to see that you have a successful auction.  We provide a platform to maximize the value of your assets – and equally as important we deliver a strategy to minimize your risk.  It was easy for us to develop our listing strategy… all we had to do was ask ourselves what we would require an auction company to do for us to gain our trust.  And, here’s what we came up with… Let’s agree on value, then list my property for auction.  Get the highest bid you can on auction day, then ask me if I’ll take it.  Don’t require me to sell, if I don’t like the price.  As crazy as that sounds it’s exactly how most of our auctions are conducted.  We understand the seller needs all the potential of our market and knowledge, while making sure there’s a safety net to minimize risk.  THE KEY IS KNOWING VALUE – and we try to establish that before ever agreeing to the auction.

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