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Shane Terrel (President/CEO)
432 Oklahoma Blvd
Alva, OK 73717 ~ Web-site ~ E-mail
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Hunting Country was established by Oklahoma farmer and NWOSU graduate, Shane Terrel.  Shane was raised by his grandparents in a family farming operation spending his summers pursuing the custom harvest from Texas to North Dakota.  Upon entering college he sold his harvest equipment to pursue the alfalfa business, which he still operates today with his wife and two children. 

In recent years there has been a "Land Run" experienced within our market that has dramatically changed the real estate business.  Today technology allows for massive amounts of information to be readily available to those seeking to purchase land.  Hunting Country realizes that the majority of all real estate transactions today are initiated on-line through the internet. 

Although technology has drastically changed our farming practices over the years, it is the family farm that continues to instill the rural values of our forefathers in the youth of today.  We believe that it is our responsibility to support these values, as they are the core ingredients that make up our company profile at Hunting Country.  We further develop our marketing plan with a basic theory that “Product Knowledge” is still the most important aspect of any sale.  Based on this belief we comprise our company of Brokers and Associates with a farming background and the rural values we trust.   

Hunting Country's marketing plan ventures a unique strategy that specializes in marketing land and minerals through a national advertising campaign that includes over 400 web-sites.  Our foundation is built on the belief that it is the support of the landowner which allows us to realize major growth potential in our endeavors.  Our success is due to the trust that farmers and ranchers have placed in our ability to market their land.  We measure our success not only by profitability, but also by the honesty and professionalism within our transactions.

Developing strategies for management and marketability is a never-ending process. We understand that the market will forever change, as will the needs of buyers and sellers. It is our goal to meet these changes with an aggressive campaign in a competitive nature that fully services the needs of our clientele, with an honest approach from a company built on rural values. 

                                                                                                            Shane Terrel (Broker)


Shane Terrel (President/CEO)
Licensed associates throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri


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