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We specialize in Kansas farms, ranches, agricultural, recreational and hunting land for sale.

Kansas Farms - Ranches - Land and Real Estate For Sale
  Rural Property For Sale - CRP and/or Hunting Land For Sale - Hunting Lodges

Land in Kansas Click on photos to enlarge
Listing # KS-401
Price $304,000

160 acres m/l. Kingman County Kansas UNIT 15 HUNTING LAND for sale. BOONE AND CROCKETT caliber WHITETAIL DEER, Quail, Turkey, and Pheasant within 1 mile of the Chikaski River. This land has been critically managed for trophy whitetail deer the last 3 years. Located on a DEAD END ROAD, the farm has very little surrounding pressure with a CREEK running the full length of the property north to south. There are 3 FOOD PLOTS planted on this farm with the largest being 12.72acres and the TIMBER surrounding the food plots offer a good shot for any AVID BOWHUNTERS. USDA/FSA information shows 161.93 acres in farmland and 32.28 acres in cropland with the balance consisting of trees, grass and raspberry thickets. This property is located approximately 12 miles north of Harper, KS on Hwy. KS 2 then left onto SE 170 St. for 2.1 miles.  Oil & Gas Minerals Negotiable.
Legals: SE4 of 30-30S-5W Kingman County Kansas
Priced at $304,000.

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Listing # KS-399
Price $194,400

162 acres m/l dryland farm ground in Clark County, KS. Located just south of HWY 54 on Meade/Clark county line. 106 base acres of wheat. Electricity on south side of property.
Legal: SW/4 30-30-25 Clark County, Kansas
Priced at $194,400 "Minerals negotiable."

Listing #KS-375
Priced at $125,000  PRICE REDUCED TO $100,00

Commercial building in Dodge City, Kansas. 3,528 square feet. Office building with large lobby and
reception area, 9 offices, 3 bathrooms, conference room, break room, vault, and 2 storage rooms. Ample
paved parking. Building could be split into 3 separate suites with 3 individual entrances. Central heat
and air throughout entire building. Location has lots of potential in a high-traffic popular industrial area
in growing Dodge City, Kansas.
Priced at $115,000 Owner Licensee

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Listing # KS-395
Price $303,800 SOLD

217 acres m/l. Meade County Kansas PREMIUM HUNTING LAND located along CROOKED CREEK. Expired CRP that can be farmed or just enhanced with some food plots. Whitetail deer, Mule deer, pheasant, and Bobwhite quail, this property has it all. A rare opportunity to own a great property in Unit 18. A small pole barn shed lies along county Road 20, perfect for a home base staging area.
Priced at $303,800 "minerals negotiable"

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Listing # KS-362
Price $2,100,000  PRICE REDUCED $1,700,000  SOLD

2000 m/l acres of Clark County, Kansas for sale.
The Randall Family cattle ranch is located between Protection, KS and Ashland, KS in Clark County with gravel access. From US 160 and KS 34 go north to 2 miles north to Creek R Road, East 2 3/4 miles to the 3 bedroom, 1 bath headquarters. 2 barns, a shed, and bulk bins provide for beef production. The ranch is watered by 5 wells and numerous ponds. The fences are in great shape and most have been replaced recently. The ranch has been conservatively grazed and has plentiful grass. There is 133.4 acres of CRP with yearly payment of $4922/year expiring 09/30/2021. Parts of the ranch have been in crop production in the past but have been returned to grassland. The north side of the ranch offers a red canyon that holds deer and offers great vistas. Resides in S2 22; SE 21; N2NENE 27-32-21 and N 33; NW 34; N2NE 34-32-21 and All 27 EXC 20ac N2NENE; E2W2 and E2 28-32-21.
Priced at $2,100,000  PRICE REDUCED $1,700,000 . Partial Minerals Negotiable

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Listing # KS-385
Price $720,000 SOLD
480 acres m/l. Comanche County Kansas Hunting Land for sale. BOONE AND CROCKETT caliber Whitetail Deer, Quail, Turkey, and Pheasant. Approximately 104 acres in CRP with the balance consisting of trees, grass and thickets. Has not been grazed in 5 years. This land has been critically managed for trophy deer for almost 5 years. Located approx.. 3 miles south and 3 miles west of Buttermilk, Kansas. CRP payment is $4317 per year.
Legals: NW/4 & E/2 Section 28-34S-19W Comanche County Kansas
Priced at $720,000

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Listing # KS-371
Price $60,000  SOLD

80 acres m/l. Gove County, Kansas Grassland for sale.

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Listing # OK-KS-374 SOLD
3 Separate farms in
Alfalfa County Oklahoma and
Barber County Kansas

281 acres m/l. Farmland for sale in Oklahoma and Kansas. 3 Separate farms in Alfalfa County Oklahoma and Barber County Kansas. Excellent Cropland with Class I soils. Two of these farms are located on OK/KS State-line at south edge of Kiowa Kansas along Hwy-8. The quarter section is located approx. 6 miles south of Kiowa Kansas, or approx. 4 miles west of Burlington Oklahoma ½ mile west of Hwy-8 and 1 mile north of Hwy-11. The quarter section has a tree-lined creek and is diversified with a mix of cropland and grassland that offers excellent Whitetail Deer Hunting.

Legal Desc:
160 acres m/l. SW/4 of Section 9-28N-12W Alfalfa County Oklahoma.
63 acres m/l. lying in NW/4 of Section 15-29N-12W Alfalfa County Oklahoma.
58 acres m/l. lying in NW/4 of Section 14-35S-11W Barber County Kansas.

Oil & Gas Mineral Interests are “NEGOTIABLE”.
It is believed that Seller owns all of the minerals in the SW/4 of 9-28N-12W; and ½ of the minerals in the other 2 farms.

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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015
Listing # OK-KS-370
665 acres m/l. 2-STATES Farm and Ranch Hunting land for sale in Kansas and Oklahoma.
Presenting a rare opportunity to purchase one of the most diverse farms ever offered for sale on the market. This ranch is divided by the Oklahoma - Kansas state line. Located along the state line in northern Alfalfa County Oklahoma and southern Harper County Kansas, approximately 5 miles north of Amorita Oklahoma, or 5 miles south of Corwin Kansas.

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Listing # KS-360
Price $2,592,000 SOLD

1600 acres m/l. Comanche County Kansas Hunting, Grazing and Cropland for sale. UNIT – 16 Whitetail Hunting. USDA info shows 324.26 acres cropland with 324.2 acre wheat base and 36 bu. yield. Located approx. 17 miles east of Coldwater Kansas. Lies in sections 2, 3, 11, 12 T33S-16W; and sections 34, 35 T32S-16W, Comanche County Kansas.
Price $2,592,000 ($1620/ac)

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Listing # KS-361
Price $900,000 
440 acres m/l. Morton County Kansas Cropland For Sale.
Great annual return provided by cash lease from existing owner for 5 years. Approx. 5.3% return after property taxes.  Here is a chance to own an irrigated and dry land farm in southwest Kansas with a great long term return from a 5 year lease to a talented young farmer. The equipment is electric and in well maintained condition with a yearly service plan. The Kansas Geological Survey shows the ground water in this area has great depth and is has showed little decline on their 2009 survey. Located approximately 3 ¼ miles south and ¼ mile east of Rolla, Kansas. 2013 taxes were approx. $2,527.76 Legal Description: E2 & E2 of W2 25-34-40. Approx. 287.83 irrigated acres (280 sale acres m/l) 141.65 dry land acres (160 sale acres m/l) 429.48 total fsa acres 440 sale acres m/l. Priced at: $900,000.00

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Listing #KS-256
Price $7,495,700  SOLD

6,518 acres m/l. Meade County Kansas and Clark County Kansas Cattle Ranch for sale. This ranch has a nice setup for cattle grazing as well as good habitat and genetics for whitetail and mule deer. Over a 1 ½ miles of creek bottom, 3 miles of springs, and additional water sources of 7 windmills with large tanks, 2 sets of corrals and an older ranch house. Southwest Kansas Ranch for sale with Oil & Gas Minerals Negotiable. Priced at $7,495,700

Listing #KS-255
Price $4,865,650  SOLD

4,231 acres m/l of Meade County and Clark County Kansas Ranch for Sale. Located 14 miles east of Meade, Kansas on Highway 160. The excellent spring-fed bottom grass land is ideal for grazing. Draws and Canyons offer a travel corridor and bedding area for herds of Whitetail and Mule Deer alike. Bobwhite quail are also native to this area. Additional water sources are windmills with large stock tanks and a nice set of corrals. Lies in Sections 17, 18, 19, 29, 30, T32-R25 Clark County Kansas and Section 25, T32-R26, Meade County Kansas. Price $4,865,650 Minerals Negotiable.

Listing #KS-254
Price $2,628,900  SOLD

2,286 acres m/l. Meade County Kansas Ranch for Sale. Grass land located north of Highway 160 in Rifle Unit 18, this property accommodates some truly great whitetail and mule deer hunting. Native grass pastures with draws and plum thickets complimented by springs make for a hunters paradise as well as some very nice grazing. Upland game habitat excellent for bobwhite quail.


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